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Please be aware that Alure Salon and Day Spa's prices are based off a level system. Each team member has been selectively assigned a level based off their experience and training.

Front Desk Associate

Casey  Moore
Casey Moore

Lindsay  Kroes
Lindsay Kroes

Lindsay is a recently new part to our Alure front desk team, mostly working on the weekends when we're super busy. During the weekdays, Lindsay is pursuing her degree in Communication Science and Disorders.

Shannon  McBroom
Shannon McBroom

Shannon is currently pursuing a degree in Communications at UK. She has been with the Alure team for 2 years now and continues to shine by helping out clients!

Spa Host

Tia  Jones
Tia Jones

Tia has worked on our Front Desk Team for several years and is currently taking college courses.

Esthetician- Level 1

Taylor  Fink
Taylor Fink

A recent graduate from the Salon Professional Academy, Taylor is now our new Esthetician with the Alure team.

Esthetician - Level 2

Emma  Nelson
Emma Nelson

Email: emman@aluresalonandspa.com

Emma is our very own Aveda Freelance Makeup Artist and enjoys giving her clients an educational, yet relaxing experience. As an Esthetician, Emma creates a memorable time by offering her services with manicures, pedicures, gel nails, body waxing, and facials. Emma is available for makeup applications or lessons in the salon or for your on-site event. Emma is also an excellent Bridal Party Coordinator and would love to help plan any special events for your wedding. Contact her for more information.

Esthetician - Level 3

Ashley  Griffin
Ashley Griffin

Having spent over 7 years here at Alure, Ashley is our senior Esthetician who graduated with the first class of licensed Estheticians in Kentucky. Ashley is an expert in waxing (including Brazilians & Boyzilians), as well as skin care. She is certified in waxing and facials. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and is our expert in Xtreme Eyelash Extensions, eyebrow tinting, and eyebrow reshaping. Her passion is to pamper her clients and establish a professional connection. She will ensure your spa experience is top notch and would be honored to provide you with her premium service care.

Rachel  Rugila
Rachel Rugila

Rachel is temporarily returning to Alure for the winter months from Australia. She has been working as an Esthetician for almost 12 years.Her desire is to learn about skincare and improve the health of the skin while having one on one time with each of her clients.Rachel loves waxing to accentuate the eyes and remove unwanted hair on the
body. She gives pampering facials to relax the soul and treat the skin to a glowing effect.

Nail Technician

Victoria  Finell
Victoria Finell

Victoria excels in manicures and pedicures. She enjoys giving our customers any nail services of acrylics and gel.  

Massage Therapist - Level 1

Ben  Rowland
Ben Rowland

Alure wants to welcome a new therapist to the massage team! After graduating from the Lexington Healing Arts Academy, Ben decided to focus on relaxation massages, or work with clients who suffer from any sleep issues or have chronic pain. He is a genuine guy and is dedicated to helping others with a healing touch.

Lesley  Kibler
Lesley Kibler

For the past year, Lesley has been a Massage Therapist with Alure. She has graduated from Lexington Healing Arts Academy where she continues to study Massage Therapy; including Deep tissue, Reflexology, Prenatal massage, and Pharmacology. She enjoys personalizing each treatment for her clients with the uses of hot stones or massage. Ask her about her referral program.

Massage Therapist - Level 2

Lisa  Siders
Lisa Siders

Lisa is a 2009 graduate of Lexington Healing Arts & is an expert on clinical & prenatal massage & enjoys helping her clients relax. Lisa is also certified in Equine Massage Therapy.
Thelma  Colston
Thelma Colston

With over 7 years of experience in Massage Therapy, Thelma has done it all! After working as a Chiropractic Assistant, a Physical Therapist Technician, and a WWE massage therapist, she now resides here at Alure for her 3rd year as one of our Massage Therapist. She continues to learn techniques with hot stones, as well as educate others as a Teacher's Assistant at the Lexington Healing Arts. She specializes in medical grade massages with a flow of relaxation. She has even worked on patients needing Oncology treatments. Needless to say, if you're in pain, Thelma will provide a calming and therapeutic massage.

Massage Therapist- Level 3

Candy   Brunk
Candy Brunk

Candy became a massage therapist in 2011 and brings 20+ years experience in healing touch and helping clients keep their bodies healthy. She enjoys relieving pain, reducing stress, and improving flexibility. A medical background assists in adapting massage to relaxation, injury or surgery
recovery, or complex medical conditions, such as Fibromyalgia and Cancer.  She loves sharing Bamboo-Fusion massage. These warm bamboo tools promote deep relaxation of your face and body. Candy shares her knowledge with future massage therapists at Lexington Healing Arts Academy.

Associate Stylist

Madison  Arnold
Madison Arnold

Madison just started with Alure in our Associate Program where she will begin training under Anna. She specializes in highlights and low lights, creating dimension and different tones in your hair. She would love to create an 'all natural' look for you.

Stylist - Level 1

London Wertz

London is currently passed her Masters. She cannot wait to get a start on building her clientele for hair cuts and color. London excels in nail services also. She even excels in facial waxing. She continues to educate herself in everything Aveda.  

Megan  Knochelmann
Megan Knochelmann

Megan just passed her boards in the fall of 2013 and is currently accepting new clients. She also helps up front from time to time.

Stylist - Level 2

Dominique  Byrd
Dominique Byrd

This summer will mark the 3rd year that Dominique has been with Alure. While executing her cutting and coloring techniques, she prefers to build a better relationship with her clients. She has expanded her knowledge in make-up services by attending Aveda classes. Dominique is also skilled in nail services, elegant styles and relaxers. She is our only stylist on the team who masters in hair extensions. Dominique has a flair for fashion and can help you find your perfect finishing style. 
Corey  Moran
Corey Moran

With over 6 years in the hair industry, Corey enjoys the newest trends in coloring and cutting techniques! She continues to educate herself by taking Aveda classes. Let her pamper you with a manicure or pedicure! She also is experienced with facial waxing.

Kelly  Dummitt
Kelly Dummitt

Having been a stylist here at Alure for over 2 years now, Kelly specializes in color techniques such as Balayage and Ombre. She also enjoys using  the razor cutting technique for certain styles. Her great listening skills are shown through her enthusiasm to execute her clients' needs. She also specializes in Men's haircuts. Kelly would love to pamper you with a manicure, pedicure, as well as any facial waxing.

Stacy  Dryden
Stacy Dryden

After being in the Hair Industry for over 12 years now, Stacy has made a comeback to Alure. She enjoys to pamper her guests with manicures, pedicures, facials, and facial waxing. Let Stacy cut or color your hair and give you a alluring experience!

Thomas  Cooper
Thomas Cooper

Thomas is a graduate of the Paul Mitchell School in Lexington and continues to educate his clients on the latest trends and styles. He specializes in color, color correction, and specialty color. Thomas has a true passion for making people look beautiful from the inside out. He enjoys the re-texture treaments to smooth out unwanted frizz or curls. Thomas also offers mens or womens cuts, manicures, pedicures, and facial waxing.

Stylist - Level 3

Dee  Lillelund
Dee Lillelund

Website: https://www.facebook.com/dlillelund

Originally from Denmark, Dee has been a stylist with Alure for 4 years showing off her amazing cutting techniques in  women's and men's haircuts. Dee also loves to give her clients new Aveda color services. Dee also enjoys indulging her clients with manicures, pedicures as well as facial waxing or brow arches.

Lisa  Pattison
Lisa Pattison

Lisa has been a stylist with Alure for 4 years now. She is very talented with color and cutting techniques. Lisa loves to help in the transformation process with any client who wants a new look. She is willing to offer an array of services including gel nails, manicures, pedicures, spray tans, makeup lessons and applications, facial waxing, or an elegant styled up-do.

Trish  Eul
Trish Eul

Working as a professional for 5 years now, Trish's bubbly personality with her creative spirit can help you achieve your desired look while having a great time. Truly a full-service stylist, Trish can help you achieve beautiful results with haircuts and color. There isn't anything Trish cannot do! She can also provide full-service spa manicures, pedicures, facials, body waxing, boyzillians, brazilians, or eyebrow tinting.

Renee  F
Renee F

Passionate about educating herself & our clients, Renee has a vast knowledge of her art. In her 30+ years of experience, Renee has received advanced education in Chicago, New York, Atlanta & Miami. She is a former member of the State Styling Team, Board of Directors for the Kentucky Cosmetology Association & a competition winner in several Total Fashion competitions. She has also taken advanced courses with some top names in our industry, including Paul Mitchell & Martin Parsons. Renee believes that all services should be special & that helping our clients maintain their look is extremely important.

Stylist - Level 4

Joanne  Martha
Joanne Martha

Website: https://www.facebook.com/joanne.martha.98?fref=ts

With nearly 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Joanne has worked as a stylist in Detroit, Michigan as well as here at Alure for 7 years. Joanne specializes in color and loves to create tones that accentuate your face. She likes to keep a very professional, relaxed, clean and fun atmosphere at her station. Joanne continues her education by attending the 2010 Redken Exchange and by experiencing new trends at the Chicago Beauty Show. She enjoys to help choose a look that works best with your lifestyle while still ensuring you look your best.

Stylist- Level 5

Anna  Stepka
Anna Stepka

An Alumni of the Aveda Institute, Anna uses a variety of techniques working with the hair's natural texture & face shape to celebrate each client's inner beauty. Anna is passionate about her industry & takes her work seriously. She has an eye for creativity & works toward her client's desires as closely as possible. With dedication & true professionalism, Anna works with a fervor that holds its foundation in experience & knowledge, putting the client's needs at the forefront of the service.

Fiona  Wilson
Fiona Wilson

Originally from England, Fiona served a 3 year apprenticeship in London at the beginning of her career. During this time, she won an Apprentice of the Year award. In addition to learning her skills in London, Fiona has traveled the world and has also worked as a stylist in Australia. When she moved to Lexington in the early 1990s, she began building a loyal clientele and eventually opened her own salon. Fionas education includes classes with Aveda, Redken and Alterna and she has attended classes and workshops for her craft both in the United States and London. Let Fiona help you create your new look while delivering a highly professional standard of services.
Roxana  Johnson
Roxana Johnson

Originally from Romania, where she was an established stylist, Roxana joined our family in January of 2010. Her unique cuting & coloring techniques can transform dull, lifeless hair into vibrant, healthy & manageable styles. Roxana brings with her many years of experience & training both in Europe & the US, in both coloring & cutting. Roxana can also enhance your experience with a brow wax, manicure, pedicure or OPI Axxium No-Chip manicure.

Marketing Assistant

Gigi  Goble
Gigi Goble

Email: gigig@aluresalonandspa.com

Gigi is a current Alum from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Marketing. She just joined the Alure team in December and cannot wait to help watch it grow!  


Dennis  Bodziony
Dennis Bodziony

Email: dennisb@aluresalonandspa.com

Dennis bought Alure in September 2012. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he sets high goals and expectations for his premium salon.